About Us

We want to be part of your life and help you develop your healthy habits, with our drinks and meals, that is why we choose our ingredients very carefully so that you can make the most of your days.

Mission Help and inspire the change to healthy food in our customers.

View Be a reference brand in fitness and healthy life.

Ours Founders

Since they were very young, Alexandra and Carlos have been passionate about food, nutrition, dance, music and excellent physical condition. Over the years they decided to share their passion for a healthy life to help people in that transition to a healthy lifestyle.

As migrants from Venezuela, a country where various types of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables are harvested, they have great knowledge of the properties of these foods, allowing them to come up with delicious combinations that make the excellence of the Smoothie Plus Products taste.

At university, Alexandra graduated from Pharmaceuticals where she learned the importance of vitamins, the functioning of the human body and the help importance of work out and a healthy diet. In addition, she dedicated herself with great passion to dancing, performing in large Theaters in Venezuela. 

Carlos graduated with a degree in industrial engineer with which he acquired knowledge in production, space design and supply chain in addition to his passion for his physical condition and his love for music, creating his own rock music band.

In 2016 they migrated to the US and over time bought her own healthy food place. They worked hard improving it little by little, changing the environment, expanding a menu, offering different options of drink, meal and dessert until at Smoothie Plus became one of the places of healthy food favorites in Hollywood-Florida. 

Today we handle a wide variety of Smoothies for different tastes and nutritional needs: Fruit Smoothies, High Protein Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Indulge Smoothies, Energy Smoothies and Weight Gain Smoothies one of the most popular items is YAYA smoothie (named after Alexandra’s childhood nickname), our Dragon Kiss, Soursop Lovely, Avocado Toast, Panini Breakfast, House Salad, Acai Bowl, Veggie Burger, among others. 

Carlos and Alexandra appreciate honesty in a simple way, showing it in their products with great passion day by day.
This is why Smoothie Plus is a brand that people associate with Health and wellness for their lives.